Girls Who Lead officially launched in February of 2011 under the name of “ForTHELMA” and we are thankful for the many people who have supported our movement over the last three years. This is a blog dedicated to help you feel beautiful on the inside and out. I want you to live life to your fullest potential and realize that there is a “LeadHER” in you. ¬†This is the place for you to be fearless, beautiful, genuine and unique. You are in the right place if you have ever needed a little boost of motivation, 30 more seconds of courage or even just enjoy reading change provoking words that make you think a little longer about the type of person you are or want to become. It is my passion to encourage and inspire people to embrace their uniqueness by providing stories, messages, videos and tips. I hope you enjoy the website and that I can help you be a Girl Who Leads….. now let’s make inspiration contagious!¬†Connect with us!

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