8 Questions to Ask on: How to find your Passion….

Finding your passion…

 Seek and you shall find…

If you are struggling trying to find your passion in life…take some time to ask yourself these questions


Stop and take a look around:

  1. Through the entire midst of your busy life,  What do you love enough to do for free?
  2. What gives you excitement and you crave to do more of it?
  3. What were your childhood dreams?
  4. What do you get the biggest joy out of doing- even if you are not too good at it?
  5. When do day-dream, where does your heart go?
  6. What makes you feel the best about yourself?
  7. What puts a smile on your face and fill your heart with joy?
  8. What puts a skip in your step, a tune in your head, sparkle in your eye or give you goose bumps all over your body?

Take some time to write down the answers to these questions. Once you take a deeper look within yourself, your true passion may not be too hard to find. When you focus on your passion, you become a better YOU.  Your life will begin to change drastically because now it is a center focus.   By the way, do you know of the interests of the people who are the closest to you?  It’s important to know their interests as well.  They can either add or subtract value to your life.  If your center focus is on a certain thing and others around you are on the same page , then you can expect great possibilities.  However, if you are surrounded around individuals who may not share the same goal, and are not supportive you probably will not get to your destination.   “ You are what you eat, and you are who you surround yourself with.”passion

Please share your passion and  goals in a comment below.



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