Girls Achieving Power

Girls its Time for you to Achieve Power

It’s time for you to get up and show out!
It all starts with a dream…..
I was recently faced with a situation where I wanted to give up because I felt that there was really no point in trying. I felt that there were only a few people that had my back. I am here to tell you:

Don’t give up, keep on pushing.
Be mindful and don’t put anything before God!
In order to get serious, and live your life without expectations, you have to keep on pushing keep on dreaming.
I dreamed of what my future would be and I am acting it out. Most time you will be the only one to belief in your dream.
Don’t give up, hold on.

You can’t be too tired not to give thanks. Be serious in what you want to do and accomplish. No one else is going to be more serious then yourself.

Continue to do things that you have been doing everything will fall into place.

Be serious about your abilities. Use them and don’t let it fade away.

Invest In yourself, be free, and express your talent and abilities. Let your desire break through at all costs.

You have everything you need to succeed, so what are you waiting for !!!!
Don’t give up or don’t give in! Be more active in your life. No one knows what you hold until you show people.

God Can Do….. but he is waiting for you to get stated and to make an attempt

You can’t do it when you want to . You have to wake up every day and put everything you can towards your dream don’t let anyone stop you!

Even if you had problems in the past, it’s okay. You can still be serious about your future. Find someone who can give you some love and support; a mentor, brother, sister or teacher anyone you can look up to.






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