Lost but Not Needed

Today I just want to share a quick story. This past weekend I met up with a few friends. A close friend of mine lost her phone and I realised that there are other ways in gettting in touch with her. This was the only weekend I had free in a long time and I was not going to let it slip away just because I could not reach her through phone. With all of the numbers that we have in our phone, how many do we actually use? On a day to day basis do you continually call the same people or do new people show up in your call log. Through all of the midst and the pain I managed to get in contact with her. So here is another question. Is it really necessary to have all those numbers in your phone? I guess it was good that she lost her phone. Now she can start fresh and new ;the people that needed it was able to find a way to get to her. Sometimes we just need a break from people or just to switch up the atmosphere. The phone was lost but it was not necessary



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