All or Nothing

failureLife is all about taking risks there are too many times where I passed up the opportunity to better myself or grow as a person. I was always too scared. I have learned that you have to stop living life cautiously. I’m not saying go rob a bank or something. However, if you continuously live life looking down and being scared all the time you won’t get a chance to do what you want. For instance, if you always have your head down you can’t go anywhere, you will fall and stumble. “Don’t go to your grave wishing.” Wishing that you should have did this and should have done that. Like Nike says… Just do it!

You are not living in the now if you are scared because of your past of what has happened to others. For example, in track, if you’re trying to jump over hurdles with your head down, you WILL fall. In order to jump successfully over the hurdles you need to keep your head up to look over the hurdles! You can’t see how high you have to jump if your head is down. Believe me, even when you do jump over those hurdles you may jump to short or may not enough energy to get to the next one. Simply take the time and reevaluate yourself. How far do I need to get up or jump in order to get over? Keep your head up, your knees high and nine time out of ten that one hurdle is like jumping rope. Of course there are times when you may miss or may have not calculated how many steps you need to take but guess what, you get up and try again. You can always become better, stronger, or smarter. You are always a student, forever learning and dreaming. Don’t pass up an opportunity in life. You will always learn a lesson whether good or bad.



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