When you are picking out your outfit, do you ever think about the colors and their meaning? The colors we choose to surround ourselves affect us more than we think. Color can enhance our emotions, actions and how we respond to others. Every time you wear a color, you are sending a symbolic meaning? Many people think colors are powerful. When you think about it colors on your clothes are extremely powerful. Think about it, when you wear a yellow shirt to an event, how does it make you feel? When you wear that little black dress to the party, do you have all eyes on you? Please read below to see what some of the meanings of colors are and what they represent. Happy reading!
Look down the list and pick out your favorite color and find out what that color says about you.

This is the color that everyone wears to a job interview. Black represents authority, power and seriousness. When you are not in search for a job or attending a meeting, black is a great edgy color and again It one of the colors that you can wear with everything. Throw on that super cute leather jacket and rock out with your heels.
Oh LA LA! Do you want to catch someone’s attention? Red will do that for you. This color is very empowering and brings attraction toward the person wearing it. In addition, red is also known as the color for passion and romance- which is perfect for a date.




Feel cool with the color blue! Blue is a great color that can be calming and peaceful, similar to green. No stressing when you are wearing the color blue, you should feel relaxed. In addition, the color blue is said to spark your creativity To the contrary, studies show that blue can make you feel more “blue” or sad (subconsciously). I say wear it , when you feel like it. Even when you do have a project that needs to be completed…it can’t hurt right?!
Similar to red, purple Is an eye catching and stimulating color that represents luxury. In addition, purple is associated with spirituality and awareness. So if you are up to it, wear a purple blouse to a social event or even at the beach.

Having a bad day? Throw on a yellow scarf, dress or even a necklace will cheer you up. This bright funky color will put a little pep in your step. Also, the color yellow presents inspiration and intelligence, so wearing your favorite yellow piece during midterm/finals week may help you stay concentrated and come up with the answers. Leave a comment below, what color are the walls in your classroom?


Don’t you love the way they taste? No seriously, orange is a color that draws attention and great energy ( similar to red) but it is a little more calming. Wear this color to work, school or at a social event and it will put you ( and hopefully others) in a great mood.


Green is a soothing and calming color. Think about it, when you talk a walk and become one with nature, how do you feel…a little relaxed right? Green is a color that has been found to help lower stress and be very refreshing.


When we think of pink, we think of “ girly” “Princess” and “castles”, but it is representative of happiness and romance. Pink can be another calming color (depending on the shade). Speaking of romance, pink is a great color for your nails or even a pop of color in your jewelry.
Wearing white symbolizes light and reminds me of the good ol’ summer days. If you are looking forward to having a simple and peaceful day just throw on something white. Its great to wear when you want to have a pop of color or a statement piece. It also doesn’t hurt that white can probably go with everything you own!
We want you to have some fun too. Create your own outfit for your favorite color. Visit our Page: for details on each outfit. Use #GWLinspiration to show off your style!
I hope this gives you some motivation in picking your outfits for the day. This is just a new way to think about the color in your closet and what can help motivate you and get you through the day.
Do these colors mean anything to you? How do you feel when you throw on that black dress, or those yellow earrings? Leave a comment below and tell GWL your thoughts on colors, mood and motivation.
How are you feeling today? Show is your best outfits in your favorite colors. Use #GWLinspiration with your photo of choice.


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