5 Things That Hold YOU Back

5 Things That Hold YOU Back

At the beginning of the year this is a great time for us to think, reflect on the past and determine goals for the future.  But before you determine your bright future, you have to shake off and let loose of what you think Is holding you back from your accomplishments. When you set your goals you MUST address the things that need to be changed, in order for you to move forward. Below are a list of road blocks that I have dealt with.  I had to let go of these things if I wanted to achieve greatness.

  1. Thinking its too late: UUUUMMMM no! Its never too late. You need to go for what you want out of life. The more time you spend thinking that it is too late, your just wasting your time. Don’t worry ( but worry a little) about the time just get up and get it done. With the technology and resources that we have today, there is no reason why you shouldn’t own your own business, be a singer, or a writer.
  2.  Listening to the “Naysayer”…: Yeah you know, the negative Nancy, the haters, Debbie downers….those people. They are great for bringing you down, making you feel bad and diminishing your greatness. If you often get comments like..” You won’t be able to finish school in time”, Do you think you are really going to get XYZ done? RUN AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK! You can and will do whatever you want to. Don’t let their negative ways mislead you.  Do you boo! ( in the words of Shameless Maya).  neg

3. Having Big Eyes and a Big Head: Do you have the hottest heels out? The new Chanel bag? All of that is not necessary if your stuff is not together. For example, if you don’t have money in the bank, but keep shopping like you do…there is no point. You need to save for what is important. If your car note is late, but you have a coat with the price tag still on it, then you have a problem.  Get your priorities straight!  I know we all go through this, its life and I know things happen, but think about …do you want the new Ri Ri Lipstick or do you want to save up to get your Master’s degree.


4. I’m Focused Man: Not necessarily. I mean don’t be so “ straight lined” focused. There is nothing wrong with doing the same thing, but we live in a world with many possibilities. Try something new! Learn a new language, eat different foods, go to an art show, take up a new hobby ( I could go on but you get the point). Broaden your horizons and create new opportunities! Your future will thank you, and I am sure it will pay off it ways unimaginable. Sidebar: I recently started taking sign language classes! I love it! It gives me something to other than run errands on a Saturday and I can add it to my resume.

5. Never Ever Ever Forget: My grandmother always told me to be thankful and never forget where I came from. ( She was a wise woman) Often times we get sidetracked and don’t think about how we started. ( insert Drake’s voice here.)  When you think about that first car( it was more than your money).  Think about that first job(who helped you through the tough times)?  Don’t get me wrong, you should b proud of your accomplishment, but at the same time don’t forget the sacrifices that have been made for you. Always help out others when you have the chance. Give a person a hug today, compliment them on their outfit, pay for the person’s toll behind or buy a homeless man some hot coco…they will appreciate the small things.


Shoot me an email, tweet or IG a pic of how you plan to move forward this year…remember, don’t let anything get in your way of greatness! Keep going, it’s only February let keep it going!

Be amazing lovies!






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