Women ReShaping the World ( Mother Daughter Duo)

I decided to use this day to acknowledge  two women reshaping the world.  SInce this is a mother and daughter team they are taking the spots for number 2 and 3.


Mother and daughter duo: LaTrece Joi Russell ( daughter) and Victoria Gatling ( mother)  are CEO of Joi Doll Inc.  They posses many leadership qualities since the creatin of “Joidoll”.  Joidoll is a company where LaTrece Joi, created a self imagedoll.  Her goal is to encourage young girls to have a positive self-image and have the inspiration to acheive their goals.  Russell wants young women to beleive that, no matter what you may face in life you can always arise above the obstacles and become a positive successful person.

At the young age of 24, and a senior in college LaTrece Joi is making a positive difference to impact the world.

Keep up the great work Ms. Russell.

This mother and daughter team are one to look up to.  They are working smart and hard to make a great impact.  These women are truley reshaping the world.


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