TODAY IS: National Pay It Forward Day! payitforward If you know me personally you know that my favorite movie is Pay it Forward and  I truly believe that there is absolute power and positive  vibes in giving from the heart. It saddens me to know that many people have not experienced it in their lifetime.  In my opinion  “Pay It Forward Day”  is about each and every person, from different walks of life providing someone else with the opportunity to make a positive difference.  Are you Paying it Forward” today? Reasons to Pay it Forward… – Be an inspiration to others and send positive vibes to those in need. -Embrace the unique  power of giving and encourage others to do the same. -You may be the only person who someone interacts with today…make them happy and make their day worth a million smiles.
Thanks Dolls! Lets change the world together. Make a positive difference and experience the unique  power of giving
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