How to Stop Complaining

…..or at least try to!!

TRY THIS, Please let me know if this works. I wanted to give you a kick in the BUTT today…I want you to read the bold in your head and read whats in red  out loud.  The following  are not accurate I just wanted to give you something to think about.


If you dont like Monday’s try missing a few…. ( I’m still here)

You cannot accomplish your dreams while in bed…( I’m ready for today, and whatever it brings)

There are …1440 Minutes in a day (  I will not waste 1)   

– An average heart rate is about ..72 beats per minute …..(My heart didn’t skip a beat)

-A person blinks about… 10814  Blinks per day …(I can still see)

A person breathes about… 10 Breathes per minute     ( I am reading this out loud) 

I an NOT perfect. I have issues you will never know about and plenty of stories that will last for days but, I’m not complaining,  I’m glad that I made it through.  Don’t judge me but, support me.  Don’t leave my side, guide me through and  teach me a lesson that I won’t forget.  Love me for me, and don’t ridicule me for doing my best.  Often times we worry so much about the nonsense and we never take the time to realize that the little things matter the most.  Spend today and enjoy it, laugh until you cry, kiss under the fireworks and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Leave a comment below, tweet us, or IG on your ideas, tools, tips and trick on how to STOP Complaining!
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Image Source: Google Images.

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