6 Daily Affirmations to Enhance Your Life

6 Daily Affirmations  to Enhance Your Life

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Do you ever pay attention to what you say  and how you view yourself? Having a positive environment is an extremely important aspect in life. Surrounding yourself with positive things and individuals will give you an instant boost of confidence, self-love and respect.   Today I am going to share some affirmations with you that will surely enhance your day! What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive face that you say about yourself to help motivate and encourage you.  Saying and repeating daily affirmations are a great way to create your own reality based on how you feel.

I Love Myself

No I am not talking romantic love, I am talking about respect and appreciating yourself. Self-love is the most important aspect to help you with your confidence and positive energy. If you have confidence and pride in the things that you do every day, you will begin to see and experience life in a different manner.  When I was younger I struggled with bullies in school. They constantly made me feel unworthy and useless. The more I put myself down, the worse I became and it was not beneficial for me.  Staying positive and having self-love and actually feeling like I love myself was the one thing that helped me get through it.

I Can Do Great Things

I love to  start off my day and look in the mirror and repeat “ I will do great things”. This affirmation gives me pure enthusiasm and motivation to start the day off on the right track.  When you have a task or goal that needs to be completed it is important to put a little “umph” of joy, pride and excitement towards that dream.  When you tell yourself that you can achieve great things, you will start to turn your dream into a reality.

My Life is Awesome!

Think about, things could be worse. Right?! Even If you are going through a tough situation at the moment, things wont always be that way. Speaking awesomeness and power into your life is a great affirmation to help you change the negatives into a positive.  Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, hang with other happy people and let a little awesomeness rub off on you. Remember to NEVER compare your life to others.  You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be. There is no easy road to success or there will always be bumps in the road.

Everything Happens For a Reason.

A phrase I am sure that you have heard plenty of times. Personally,  I never want to hear
everything happens for a reason” when I’m going through a rough patch, but when all goes well I  finally realize that it is true. Realistically, controlling everything is not an option! We go through specific the trials and tribulations to help ourselves and others. Every day we need this simple reminder to help us get through the day.

I Am Beautifully Made

Yup you sure are darling! Just believe it, receive it, and repeat it….every single day. Start off the day by telling yourself that you are beautiful.  This is another great affirmation to give you a boost of energy and self-confidence to shape the inner you!

I Am Fearless!

It’s important to trust your gut feeling and take on new challenges. When you constantly repeat “ I am fearless” you will begin to take advantage of many things coming your way. I would advise to repeat this daily, whenever you feel a little scared to accomplish a goal. You only have one life to live, so take on every possible adventure.


It is important to repeat these daily affirmations for a more positive lifestyle. Do you have any affirmations that you tell yourself every day? What affirmation was your favorite?

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