Dr. Maya Angelou In LoVing Memory

In loving Memory of the Legendary Dr. Maya Angelou… Around this time last year I had a chance to hear the great Maya Angelou speak. It was such a beautiful experience to be in the same room with her while she shared stories and blessed us with laughter and tears.  Of course she has inspired many through her poetry, and strong efforts in the community but nothing can compare to her radiating energy. It is shameful to know that the upcoming generation may not have individuals to look up to and admire.  We need to start stepping up and continue the great work and legacies that our generation left behind. Here are 6 reasons why Maya Angelou is our inspiration. maya3 1 . Her memory is sharp as a tact! – While hearing Dr. Angelou tell her story, I realized that no matter the age, her memory was strong. She spoke about her development and passion of poetry and reading. Dr. Angelou shared stories of her fascination with libraries, a funny conversation she had with Tupac and why going through obstacles and struggles can truly be a blessing. I was in awe of her stories and how she remembered every detail of each interaction with some of the world’s greatest leaders such as Langston Hughes, Dr. King and Malcolm X. 2. A woman of many talents:  This renaissance woman was not only a writer, she was an actress, director, chef, dancer and more.  She paved a way for many women (not only Africa American) and she told us that there are no excuses to achieving our goals; the possibilities are endless.

  1. Role Model: Maya Angelou was a role model for many women and men. Even if you did not have the opportunity to meet her, I am sure that she has touched your soul through words, speech or her actions.

4. Her Quotes: It is just that simple, we all have our favorite! Leave your favorite quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou in the comments below. maya1 5. Humility: I remember when Dr. Maya Angelou spoke about her recognition and accolades. She told the audience to ALWAYS remain humble and take every opportunity that comes your way. Although she has over 30 honorary degrees, she was able to make us laugh and talk about her mistakes at the same time. 6. She was a Phenomenal Woman!: Yup, that’s her . Maya Angelou was a strong phenomenal woman who grew out of poverty to become one of the world’s amazing African-American women. Rest well, Dr. Angelou! You will be missed!maya Leave a comment below to add your own inspiration from Maya Angelou! What is your favorite quote? Do you have any stories to share about Dr. Maya Angelou? xoxoxxo-Asiah Follow our moves on:  TWITTER @GirlsWhoLead  IG: @Girlswholead Facebook: GirlsWhoLead Sign up to receive everything from Girls Who Lead news & updates to exclusive online/ offline event invites, exclusive product giveaways, member-only discounts on products and more! Add email below.


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