Teaching Penguins How to Fly

Here is another great inspirational story.  My mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert sent this to me. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a penguin who was surfing the web.

He came across the website of a motivational speaker who specialized in
teaching pigs how to fly.

The penguin was amazed and thought, “If this person can teach pigs to fly,
maybe he can perform a miracle and also teach penguins to fly.”

The penguin emailed the motivational speaker and asked him if he could teach
penguins to fly.

“Of course. No problem,” The speaker responded.

The penguin then asked him if he would be interested in coming to the South

The speaker said it would be very expensive.

The money was raised.

The travel arrangements were made.

Everything was all set.

On the big day, 100 excited penguins showed up at a hotel for the

The motivational speaker began the seminar by telling the penguins that there
were only two things they had to do to fly:

#1. Flap your wings harder.

#2. Believe in yourself.

He started teaching them how to flap really, really  hard.

The penguins learned how to flap harder, but not one of the penguins left the

Then the motivational speaker had ladders set up all around the room. He
explained that he wanted the penguins to start on the first rung, jump off and
flap really hard.

They started on the first rung. They jumped off and flapped.  Then they
all fell flat on their beaks.

Next,  they progressed to the second rung. They jumped off, flapped
really hard, but no success.

When they got to the third rung, all of a sudden some one of the penguins
yelled out, “Look at Ralph! Look at Ralph!”

Ralph was up and flying for about 10 seconds.

That did it!

As soon as the penguins saw that it was possible, they started to

One after another, they started flying. They were up in the air for five
seconds . . . 10 seconds . . . 30 seconds . . .

By the end of the day, every single one of the penguins was flying for as
long as they wanted!

The seminar was a SUCCESS.

When it ended, the speaker didn’t just get a standing ovation, he received
a flying one, too!



After it was all over, the most amazing thing happened. When all the penguins
left the hotel, each and every one of them walked home…


Point of the Story:

1) The penguins must believe they can fly.
2) The penguins must learn essential skills so they can fly.
3) The penguins must practice what they learn.

Start making those changes in life.  Once you learn something, don’t stop just because you don’t have further instruction.  Keep going, teach someone else!  How well do you perform when no one is watching? As a teen you often have to learn as you go! You are still growing and learning new things daily. Think about these penguins during your next journey!



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