About GWL

About Us:

Girls Who Lead is your number one online destination dedicated to empowering a generation of young women to be fearless, genuine leaders in their lives, schools and communities. We aim to cultivate a positive social change for teen girls and young women.

It’s a movement of real girls, redefining what is beautiful, important and possible. It is our mission to inspire each girl to be curious, conquer fears, and be authentic, brave and totally fearless when it comes to understanding who she is, pursuing her dreams, and making her courageous mark in the world. We aim to promote positive self-esteem, inner respect, love and self-empowerment in the everyday girl. We commit to this through our online and offline presence.  We are 100% girl driven and dedicated to creating a network of young women who are passionate, inspired, and empowered “leadhers”,

We believe in taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones, and that taking small steps can create a huge change! We believe in having real conversations about the issues facing girls today, and taking action towards creating change. We believe that all girls have strong and powerful voices and the ability and potential to be impactful ‘leadhers’.  We believe in moving forward and starting a movement made up of girls who are passionate, outspoken and totally fearless!

-GWL Founder

LeadHER defined: Being a “leadHER” is not about taking a labeled leadership role but it is about how YOU live your life. We understand that this world is full of followers and 21st Century generation is crumbling as a result. At the end of the day, leadership is all about positive change and influence. We want you to be different, be bold, be fearless and turn your generation inside out!

Our Vision:

The ultimate vision of GWL is to provide a “safe haven” for girls to feel like they can make a difference in the world. With GWL we want girls to escape from the stress and worries of work, school, relationships, current events and more in order to reflect on the hidden blessings of these same topics. We also hope that as “leadhers” in this world, we can also volunteer our time and dedicate our services to various organizations, soup kitchens,  Cancer Walks and more.

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