About Asiah

Hey Hey Hey! So I see you are snooping around on me, I think I like you already!

So lets begin with the basics.

My name is pronounced like”Asia” the continent. My mother wanted to be creative and try something new…but now that I know plenty of other people named Asiah, she was not so clever… But guess what, there is only ONE me! Speaking of my mother, I grew up in a home of loving parents and a supportive family. Yes, just like everyone we have all had our fair share of laughs, crying, joking around and dysfunctional moments. I did not come from a broken home, however, I did experience some moments which I like to call the “rough years”.  My rough years started in middle school…


asiah middle schoolMiddle school  is where I began to actually care about what I looked like or what others thought of me. I had terrible acne, wore baggy jeans, I was insecure and I was the awkward tall geeky girl in my class. I was always lied to, excluded and felt weak and alone. Although I had a few people I thought were my friends, sometimes that was not enough. I cried almost every other day and wondered why the mean girls continued to pick on me.

gwl high schoolHigh School was even worse. As I entered into a new world, more problems presented itself. I was into boys, I finally started to develop…or so I thought and I started to find my clique in school. I made it my priority to get active and make myself busy by getting a job, participating in community activities and joining afterschool clubs. There was more arguments with my parents, figuring out the dating world and competing for a place to belong in school was essential. The death of my grandmother had a major impact on myself and my family.  As I was still searching for a place to fit in, I was angry and on top of that trying to find a college to attend was mind-blowing!

gradIn College things got a little better. I had fun and made lifetime friends. I made mistakes, more mistakes and learned lessons the hard way. During my college years I had laughter, triumphs and experienced the death of my step-father. Through the trying times, I attended two different schools and I learned to grow up very quickly.  I was independent and I had a head full of goals and dreams. During my senior year I took a class that changed my life.  It was called “personal fitness” and it was all about motivation, self-love and empowerment.  My professor told stories and taught the class tangible tools of success. It was truly life changing for me. It wasn’t until later that I found out about the life coaching field and from that point on, I knew that I wanted to truly make a difference in the generation of young women.

celebrationWhen I graduated from college I was unsure of my next move.  I took a year off and served a year AmeriCorps for the second time. I continued to spend time working in the community and build relationships with the people I was serving. I have experience working with the at-risk population promising neighborhood and cultured settings.  The challenges that I have faces in my past is what makes me an eager advocate for change. My goal is to help girls and young adults maximize their confidence, ignite creativity and develop an action plan for success! I enjoy proving tangible tools and feedback to start a productive and promising path.

Professional  Bio….

As a teen expert, Asiah Lemon is an advocate for girls and young adults and is now a Teen Wisdom  Certified life coach.  As a native of Newark New Jersey, Asiah has received a BA with honors from Montclair State University and holds a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Delaware.  Over the years,Asiah has worked with girls of all ages, ranging from pre-teen to young adults. Her work includes supporting youth in schools, nonprofits, churches, and youth development programs, she has even served twice in AmeriCorps. Asiah is extremely passionate about her work with young women and is fully committed in supporting  their success and positive outcomes.

Asiah is often described as approachable, honest and fun. She is able to relate to girls on their level, because she actually gets it. Her youthful and active spirit allows her to develop unique and long-lasting relationships with girls, and her knowledge brings forth comfort to parents as she is supporting their daughter during the stresses of life. 

Lastly, Asiah has embarked on a journey to reach out to those in search of a prosperous and productive life.  Not only does Asiah speak at events, but she writes, creates interactive fun-shops and programs for young women. 


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