Gratitude Girl: 7 Life Hacks to Being Thankful

Gratitude Girl: 7 Life Hacks to Being Thankful

Look around you.   No matter who you are, the color your skin or your background, there is something to be thankful for.  A roof over your head, the food in your fridge, your family and friends are all precious gifts.  Every day that you are in good health, can get up and go to school, or grab a glass of clean water to drink is a special moment.  When you begin to recognize the goodness within your own life and make positives choices in an effort to be grateful for those things, you will see that every day there is more and more to be thankful for. The following life hacks are great tools to help you discover your inner leadHERship, strive for better within yourself and increase your level of Happy!

Keep a Daily Gratitude List

Write down at least 3 things you’re grateful for each day.  It can be as simple as “I am grateful to be on the cheerleading team” or “ I am grateful for my amazing family”. Practice acknowledging good things each day and soon you will find them everywhere you go.  I encourage you to add new things to your list, (it will get easier day by day) because we all have a ton of things we can be grateful for.  Expand your mind and feel the gratitude flow in! (This is a great parent/daughter activity.)

Start Making Thankfulness a Priority

Your needs matter and so do others!  If you don’t value yourself, look out for yourself, and stick up for yourself, how are you going to recognize the value in others?  Remember, it IS possible to be thankful for what you have to offer to the world while simultaneously caring for those around you. Once you make thankfulness a priority within yourself and when your needs are met, you will likely be more capable of helping those who need you most.

Live in the Present

‘Right now” is like a miracle. Right now is the only moment guaranteed to you, so why not live it up!  Be grateful, thankful and appreciative for these moments. So stop thinking about how great things will be in the future.  Stop focusing on what did or did not happen in the past.  Learn to be in the ‘here and now’ and experience life as it’s happening.  Appreciate the amazing world we live in and ALL of the beauty it holds, right now.

Enjoy the things you already have

The problem with many of us (myself included) is that we all think we’ll be happy when we reach a specific goal in life. For example, you finally get the popular boyfriend, you make the basketball team or take 25 pics before we find one that will get over 11 likes on Instagram, etc. Unfortunately, it takes a while before you get there, and when you get there, the excitement will only last for a short time and you’ll likely have a new destination in mind.  You will end up spending so much time working toward something new without ever stopping to enjoy the things you have now. So take a quiet moment every morning when you first wake up to appreciate where you are and what you already have.

Start being thankful for what you have to offer

In life, we are often thinking about being perfect, and in reality no one is. We should all try to figure out what we can do to help make the world a more awesome place and be thankful for the opportunity to do so. Life is all about taking a chance, making mistakes and being okay with it. You will never be 100% sure that it will work out, but you can 100% sure that doing nothing but complaining won’t work! Most of the time we just have to take a leap of faith and go for it! No matter the result, it will always end up the way it should be. Through it all you either will succeed or learn another lesson. Be thankful that you have something to offer and don’t waste your talents.

Having a bad day—seek help by looking at others.

Start noticing what you like about other people and tell them! And before you know it, any bad day you have will be cheered up in no time. From my own personal experience this really works! When you have an appreciation for the awesomeness around you, it can lead to a more productive, happy and peaceful day. Give a high-five, cheer on your friends victories and be thankful for their blessings. Have you heard of the saying “What goes around comes around “.  Sooner or later you will be more thankful and forget about all of your troubles.

Be more open

Life is short and you only have one life to live. If you are hurting and upset give yourself time to be angry – but not for long. Talk to the people closer to you and be open about what is making you upset and tell the TRUTH. No matter your age, there is a great feeling about getting things off your chest and letting it go. So if a friend is not talking to you over some boy, let it go and be thankful that you are a good friend. If you are angry at your mother or father, find a special way to talk to them when things are settled down and be thankful that they are willing to listen. When you are open about your feelings you are taking another step toward feeling thankful about life.

Do you have any special hacks or tips to other teen girls? We would love to share your tips and fun life hacks to other cool girls like yourself!


Teaching Penguins How to Fly

Here is another great inspirational story.  My mentor Dr. Rob Gilbert sent this to me. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, there was a penguin who was surfing the web.

He came across the website of a motivational speaker who specialized in
teaching pigs how to fly.

The penguin was amazed and thought, “If this person can teach pigs to fly,
maybe he can perform a miracle and also teach penguins to fly.”

The penguin emailed the motivational speaker and asked him if he could teach
penguins to fly.

“Of course. No problem,” The speaker responded.

The penguin then asked him if he would be interested in coming to the South

The speaker said it would be very expensive.

The money was raised.

The travel arrangements were made.

Everything was all set.

On the big day, 100 excited penguins showed up at a hotel for the

The motivational speaker began the seminar by telling the penguins that there
were only two things they had to do to fly:

#1. Flap your wings harder.

#2. Believe in yourself.

He started teaching them how to flap really, really  hard.

The penguins learned how to flap harder, but not one of the penguins left the

Then the motivational speaker had ladders set up all around the room. He
explained that he wanted the penguins to start on the first rung, jump off and
flap really hard.

They started on the first rung. They jumped off and flapped.  Then they
all fell flat on their beaks.

Next,  they progressed to the second rung. They jumped off, flapped
really hard, but no success.

When they got to the third rung, all of a sudden some one of the penguins
yelled out, “Look at Ralph! Look at Ralph!”

Ralph was up and flying for about 10 seconds.

That did it!

As soon as the penguins saw that it was possible, they started to

One after another, they started flying. They were up in the air for five
seconds . . . 10 seconds . . . 30 seconds . . .

By the end of the day, every single one of the penguins was flying for as
long as they wanted!

The seminar was a SUCCESS.

When it ended, the speaker didn’t just get a standing ovation, he received
a flying one, too!



After it was all over, the most amazing thing happened. When all the penguins
left the hotel, each and every one of them walked home…


Point of the Story:

1) The penguins must believe they can fly.
2) The penguins must learn essential skills so they can fly.
3) The penguins must practice what they learn.

Start making those changes in life.  Once you learn something, don’t stop just because you don’t have further instruction.  Keep going, teach someone else!  How well do you perform when no one is watching? As a teen you often have to learn as you go! You are still growing and learning new things daily. Think about these penguins during your next journey!



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Confidence. Courage. Consistency for Teen Girls

As a teen girl you may battle different issues that you feel may set you back. I am sure you have had hard time when you want to scream, kick, jump and shout but I hope you continue to be confident, have courage and stay consistent in accomplishing your goals!

The 3C’s of Motivation during your teen years. These will help you stay committed and accomplish any goal you set your heart on. This was taught to me a few years ago but I added my personal twist to it.

The 3 C’s of Motivation for a teen girl
1. Confidence– While growing up I had lots of self-confidence. Very few people believed that I had the ability or knowledge to make an impact or change lives. Today I am proving everyone wrong. I had to learn to step out on faith and learn to have confidence in myself. Confidence is the threshold that will bring everything together. Once you have confidence and begin to believe in yourself, you will soon start to see that people will believe in you. First have confidence in yourself and believers will follow.
“Insecurity will always rent the space it occupies, but confidence will own the building, and any other room it steps in.” – unknown
be the best you can be
2. Courage – Having courage is something that I have struggled with in the past. It has a little to do with confidence. Once you begin to believe you are a young confident woman, the courage will follow. You will begin to be braver than your ever thought. You will learn to overcome obstacles that have once been holding you back. You may even have the power to encourage someone else to fight a particular battle. Courage is a mighty thing to own and once you have it, hold on tight and don’t let ANYONE take it away.
“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”- MLK Jr.
3. Consistency– To sum it all up, you have to be consistent. Once you have your mind-set on a goal, giving up should not be an option! Keep pushing and making strives towards your goal. No matter the number of times your try, a positive outcome will surely be the result. If you are learning throughout the process then you are able to progress!

Persistence is key, keep pushing this world needs you now more than ever.”- GWL founder

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6 Ways Put A Smile on Your Face

Okay so speaking from experience  I know it’s not always easy to put a smile on your face when you’re having a bad day, but there are always things we should remember on days like that! Every #girlwholeads needs to know how to turn her bad day around, all on her own. It’s like an essential life skill! So here are 6 things to do when you’re having a bad day!

                                                           bad day 2

1. Talk about it and let it all out!

When you’re having a bad day, the best thing to do is to just let it out. At least that’s what works for me! I need to talk it out and tell someone, my parents, my friends, my boyfriend, anybody. It’s therapeutic for me, it’s almost like the second I let it out, my bad day goes away. Sometimes all you need is to let it out when you’re having a bad day, then it’ll all go uphill from there! Everyone needs to vent once in a while!
2. Watch Your Fav Movie, Show  of YouTube Guru!

One of the most important things you can ever do for yourself is to figure out what can give you a pep in your step and change your mood. For me, I know when I’m having a bad day I can watch any episode of  Modern Family or my girl Ellen and my mood instantly elevates! Whatever works for you!

3. Make Friend Time!

Your friends are your soul mates, and when you’re having a bad day, they can be some of the first people to put a smile on your face-even if it is a dog! Depending on what kind of crappy day I have, I know exactly which of my friends to call. ( I know you feel the same way)  Some of them will make me laugh, some of them will listen to me cry and wine, and some of them will tell me to snap out of it! Your support group is perfect to turn to when you need to lift your mood after a bad day!

4. Squeeze me!

Receiving hugs definitely puts me in a great mood.  One of the best ways to turn your mood around when you’re having a bad day is by just getting a nice hug from ….well anyone. I encourage you to start giving hugs to other people because you never know what someone else is going through.

bad day

5. I Scream, You Scream We All Scream for —- ICE CREAM!! YUMMY

Quick – what’s your guilty pleasure? Right now I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten a ton ( literally) of ice-cream. I know what your thinking but hey everyone once in a while you deserve to drown your sorrows with a rich and tasty bowl of cookies and cream!  One of the best things to do when you’re having a bad day is to just indulge in your guilty pleasure. Be it food, a TV show, or thrift shopping, just do what you love and your bad mood will slowly start to go away!

6. Sing And Dance

Another reason why I love to watch Ellen is because of her rockin’ dance moves! It is a little sad to say but Ellen has more rhythm than me! I swear ( no lie) I sing my heart out in the shower, car and at the grocery store. I enjoy laughing, dancing and having a great time. My day is usually non-existent once I press play on my iPod! Music increases my mode and hey, if you dance you can get a small workout in as well!

What are your “go to” methods of curing your bad day and putting a smile on your face?

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How to Stay Creative

I found this cool video online!  Hope you enjoy!

My favorites are : 4,7,9,10, 11,12,13,14,15-29

Do you have anything different to add?  What are your favorite numbers? If so, please comment.  How do you live creatively everyday?



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Dr. Maya Angelou In LoVing Memory

In loving Memory of the Legendary Dr. Maya Angelou… Around this time last year I had a chance to hear the great Maya Angelou speak. It was such a beautiful experience to be in the same room with her while she shared stories and blessed us with laughter and tears.  Of course she has inspired many through her poetry, and strong efforts in the community but nothing can compare to her radiating energy. It is shameful to know that the upcoming generation may not have individuals to look up to and admire.  We need to start stepping up and continue the great work and legacies that our generation left behind. Here are 6 reasons why Maya Angelou is our inspiration. maya3 1 . Her memory is sharp as a tact! – While hearing Dr. Angelou tell her story, I realized that no matter the age, her memory was strong. She spoke about her development and passion of poetry and reading. Dr. Angelou shared stories of her fascination with libraries, a funny conversation she had with Tupac and why going through obstacles and struggles can truly be a blessing. I was in awe of her stories and how she remembered every detail of each interaction with some of the world’s greatest leaders such as Langston Hughes, Dr. King and Malcolm X. 2. A woman of many talents:  This renaissance woman was not only a writer, she was an actress, director, chef, dancer and more.  She paved a way for many women (not only Africa American) and she told us that there are no excuses to achieving our goals; the possibilities are endless.

  1. Role Model: Maya Angelou was a role model for many women and men. Even if you did not have the opportunity to meet her, I am sure that she has touched your soul through words, speech or her actions.

4. Her Quotes: It is just that simple, we all have our favorite! Leave your favorite quotes by Dr. Maya Angelou in the comments below. maya1 5. Humility: I remember when Dr. Maya Angelou spoke about her recognition and accolades. She told the audience to ALWAYS remain humble and take every opportunity that comes your way. Although she has over 30 honorary degrees, she was able to make us laugh and talk about her mistakes at the same time. 6. She was a Phenomenal Woman!: Yup, that’s her . Maya Angelou was a strong phenomenal woman who grew out of poverty to become one of the world’s amazing African-American women. Rest well, Dr. Angelou! You will be missed!maya Leave a comment below to add your own inspiration from Maya Angelou! What is your favorite quote? Do you have any stories to share about Dr. Maya Angelou? xoxoxxo-Asiah Follow our moves on:  TWITTER @GirlsWhoLead  IG: @Girlswholead Facebook: GirlsWhoLead Sign up to receive everything from Girls Who Lead news & updates to exclusive online/ offline event invites, exclusive product giveaways, member-only discounts on products and more! Add email below.

6 Daily Affirmations to Enhance Your Life

6 Daily Affirmations  to Enhance Your Life

be the best you can be

source: Google Images

Do you ever pay attention to what you say  and how you view yourself? Having a positive environment is an extremely important aspect in life. Surrounding yourself with positive things and individuals will give you an instant boost of confidence, self-love and respect.   Today I am going to share some affirmations with you that will surely enhance your day! What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a positive face that you say about yourself to help motivate and encourage you.  Saying and repeating daily affirmations are a great way to create your own reality based on how you feel.

I Love Myself

No I am not talking romantic love, I am talking about respect and appreciating yourself. Self-love is the most important aspect to help you with your confidence and positive energy. If you have confidence and pride in the things that you do every day, you will begin to see and experience life in a different manner.  When I was younger I struggled with bullies in school. They constantly made me feel unworthy and useless. The more I put myself down, the worse I became and it was not beneficial for me.  Staying positive and having self-love and actually feeling like I love myself was the one thing that helped me get through it.

I Can Do Great Things

I love to  start off my day and look in the mirror and repeat “ I will do great things”. This affirmation gives me pure enthusiasm and motivation to start the day off on the right track.  When you have a task or goal that needs to be completed it is important to put a little “umph” of joy, pride and excitement towards that dream.  When you tell yourself that you can achieve great things, you will start to turn your dream into a reality.

My Life is Awesome!

Think about, things could be worse. Right?! Even If you are going through a tough situation at the moment, things wont always be that way. Speaking awesomeness and power into your life is a great affirmation to help you change the negatives into a positive.  Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it, hang with other happy people and let a little awesomeness rub off on you. Remember to NEVER compare your life to others.  You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be. There is no easy road to success or there will always be bumps in the road.

Everything Happens For a Reason.

A phrase I am sure that you have heard plenty of times. Personally,  I never want to hear
everything happens for a reason” when I’m going through a rough patch, but when all goes well I  finally realize that it is true. Realistically, controlling everything is not an option! We go through specific the trials and tribulations to help ourselves and others. Every day we need this simple reminder to help us get through the day.

I Am Beautifully Made

Yup you sure are darling! Just believe it, receive it, and repeat it….every single day. Start off the day by telling yourself that you are beautiful.  This is another great affirmation to give you a boost of energy and self-confidence to shape the inner you!

I Am Fearless!

It’s important to trust your gut feeling and take on new challenges. When you constantly repeat “ I am fearless” you will begin to take advantage of many things coming your way. I would advise to repeat this daily, whenever you feel a little scared to accomplish a goal. You only have one life to live, so take on every possible adventure.


It is important to repeat these daily affirmations for a more positive lifestyle. Do you have any affirmations that you tell yourself every day? What affirmation was your favorite?

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How to Stop Complaining

…..or at least try to!!

TRY THIS, Please let me know if this works. I wanted to give you a kick in the BUTT today…I want you to read the bold in your head and read whats in red  out loud.  The following  are not accurate I just wanted to give you something to think about.


If you dont like Monday’s try missing a few…. ( I’m still here)

You cannot accomplish your dreams while in bed…( I’m ready for today, and whatever it brings)

There are …1440 Minutes in a day (  I will not waste 1)   

– An average heart rate is about ..72 beats per minute …..(My heart didn’t skip a beat)

-A person blinks about… 10814  Blinks per day …(I can still see)

A person breathes about… 10 Breathes per minute     ( I am reading this out loud) 

I an NOT perfect. I have issues you will never know about and plenty of stories that will last for days but, I’m not complaining,  I’m glad that I made it through.  Don’t judge me but, support me.  Don’t leave my side, guide me through and  teach me a lesson that I won’t forget.  Love me for me, and don’t ridicule me for doing my best.  Often times we worry so much about the nonsense and we never take the time to realize that the little things matter the most.  Spend today and enjoy it, laugh until you cry, kiss under the fireworks and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Leave a comment below, tweet us, or IG on your ideas, tools, tips and trick on how to STOP Complaining!
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TODAY IS: National Pay It Forward Day! payitforward If you know me personally you know that my favorite movie is Pay it Forward and  I truly believe that there is absolute power and positive  vibes in giving from the heart. It saddens me to know that many people have not experienced it in their lifetime.  In my opinion  “Pay It Forward Day”  is about each and every person, from different walks of life providing someone else with the opportunity to make a positive difference.  Are you Paying it Forward” today? Reasons to Pay it Forward… – Be an inspiration to others and send positive vibes to those in need. -Embrace the unique  power of giving and encourage others to do the same. -You may be the only person who someone interacts with today…make them happy and make their day worth a million smiles.
Thanks Dolls! Lets change the world together. Make a positive difference and experience the unique  power of giving
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Women ReShaping the World (YOU)

The last dedication goes to you. Yes YOU. The strong women that you know is quietly making a chance in this world. The one that never stops to think about herself first but continues to give.  This could be a mother, sister, friend or neighbor, but give thanks to that one person making   a difference in your life and everyone in which she may encounter. I am sending a BIG THANK YOU to never giving up, to your dedication and your love. To women across the world who are ReShaping it with each step, I thank you for making a powerful difference.




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