There are lots of ways you can get involved! Read below to find out more information. 
Spread the Good News
One way for us to get the word out about the good things we are doing here is through girls like you. We need top notch “LeadHERS” to walk the walk and talk the talk and maybe even tweet about us too! Keep your friends and family in our circle. Update them on what you read, see or contests you participate in and be sure to spread the love via IG, FB or Twitter.
Become a Contributing Writer
We are looking for a few good women ( or men) who love to write and have an opinion to share.
Do you know of any other “LeadHERS”  that you want to bring on board and interview them for the blog?
Can you write on topics that engage and capture our readers?
Becoming a CW for GWL is a great way to introduce and establish yourself as an expert in your field.  You will have the chance to grow your audience and  Inspire young girls and women to be be bold, fearless and fabulous.
 Be Active 
The most important way for you to show support is to be a “LeadHER”! There is a ton of pressure for girls of all ages to be or act a certain way and it is dangerous and impossible to continue to live by those expectations. GWL wants  you to become active and start to step outside of your comfort zone, start taking risks and be a “LeadHER” ( start to encourage others to do the same).  If you have dreams of becoming a singer, join the choir! If you want to join the track team,start running. Even if you have plans to start your own business, get to it! We have your back, just do it! 
Girl Talk Volunteer
Are you a natural born leader? Girls Who Lead  is looking for dynamic, outgoing women who would like to lead online/phone workshops with girls from ages 12-22 If you are interested in making an impact on girls and enjoy discussing body image, the media, healthy relationships, or friendships, please fill out the contact form and send us a request!
Tell us Why You are a LeadHER
Shout to the world and let them know why you are a LeadHER! Record a video, send in a letter or tag us in a photo on IG….complete the sentence,  “I am a LeadHER because…..” and upload it to YouTube or IG , post in on our FB page (or email us the link). We want you to encourage your friends, family, community members, and teachers to get involved as well. If your not into recording videos, no problem doll. Get a blank piece of paper and create a sign telling the world why you are a LeadHER and have someone take a picture of your holding it. Oh and don’t forget to share it with us.
Do you have a burning desire to share some advice?
Is there one thing, as a teen girl or young adult that you want to tell your peers? Do you have a message that you wish every girl knew? Now is your chance to share, empower and inspire girls across the world. Write a Dear LeadHER Card (DLC) and upload the picture to Twitter, IG, or FB and tag @girlswholead and #GWLDLC and your friends. Share it in the bathroom at school, hallways, bus or train.  Send us an email to get your DLC!
Become our virtual friend:
Be Daring! Shout out GWL to the largest crowd. It could be your school, campus, job or while walking down the street. 
Tap a stranger and tell them to tweet @GirlsWhoLead
Join the Instagram Family: @GirlsWhoLead
Go ahead, like us on: Facebook! 
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