Dear Parent or Guardian:

Raising a daughter can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.  I help girls maximize their confidence and I save parents from THE STRESS!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?:

*You are frustrated about your daughter’s poor decisions and concerned about her future.
*You are overwhelmed and struggling to help your daughter with her challenges and    disappointments. Sometimes it feels like her life packs in more drama than an episode of Pretty Little Liars!

*You want your daughter to have the confidence to be herself and step out of her comfort zone, but she’s having a hard time fitting in at school and perhaps she is being excluded.

*You want your daughter to transition or get into a competitive college or university, but she is nonchalant, doesn’t take school seriously, and is underachieving in one or more classes (even though she has plenty of time to text her friends and post “selfies” all day).

*Your daughter is stressed out about school, boys, dating, getting into college, her future or ____________(<–insert “OMG” moment of the week) and now you’re stressed!

If you are screaming “YES!” – then take a deep breath. 

You’re in the right place….

I know it can be challenging, frustrating, and even scary to raise a daughter in today’s high-tech, social media and perfect appearance driven world.  Girls are told that they should be “good girls” and also taught that their worth and value comes solely from their appearance and bodies.

In order to emerge from their teen years as strong, happy, and confident young women, girls must learn to successfully navigate peer pressure and negative messages about girls and women.

Coaching Services  Offered (Girls ages: 9-18)

Private Coaching

As my private client, your daughter will meet with me and receive fun and inspirational exercises in between sessions to help her make progress  in reaching her goals.

*** Currently, my “EmpowHERment Private Coaching Package” includes 6 sessions!***

What do the 6 sessions include?

-One approximate 90 minute “intake session” with parent(s) to discuss your desires and hopes for your teen girl.

-Four- 50 Minute sessions with your teen working on the goals we set.

-Lastly,  the 6th session is a 50 minute parent follow up session. ( session is designed for coach and parent to review goals, tools ans strategies of what we have been working on and future coaching if agreed upon.)

*Asiah sees private clients once a week or bi-weekly for 50-55 minutes . Coaching session are done online, via phone or in person (30 mile radius). Frequency & Location are designed to meet the needs of the family). 


Group Coaching

I offer group coaching as an added benefit of providing a friendly and supportive place for girls to support each other.  Girls enrolled in group coaching programs are held to high standards and expected to have a pleasant disposition to ensure an enjoyable experience for each group member.

*Group coaching sessions are 90-120 minutes. This is a great option for Schools, Afterschool Programs, Churches,Community Events, and Clubs.

College Transition Coaching ( For High school Seniors/College Freshman)

 Over the course of senior year an exhaustive amount of time is spent on getting girls accepted to college: SAT prep, college applications, college visits, essay writing courses, etc.  Certainly, your daughter will go to college. But what happens when she gets there? Based on my personal experience and research, girls head off to college completely unprepared for the challenges ahead. Addressing everything from  adjusting to the daily schedule, roommate nightmares, the freshman 15 and home sickness. This package prepares girls and parents for a successful transition to college life.

Note: Coaching is a different approach than therapy and coaching is not appropriate for everyone.


FunShops are creative, interactive and “FUN” workshops that are personally designed for the benefit of young women. During these funshops girls have the ability to develop personal relationships, build confidence, build competence and develop life skills. The young women will walk away  with powerful tools, tips and strategies for a positive and productive life.  For a list of topics click here.


How to Get Started?

To find out if coaching is a good fit for you, I invite you to contact me (see below) for a complimentary phone consultation for parents who are serious about coaching with me and investing in their daughter’s health, happiness, and future success.


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