Coaching Topics

Popular Coaching Topics for Girls age: 9-18

*Stress Management and Academic Pressure- Girls are overbooked and overworked, causing excessive stress and anxiety. This coaching topic  provides concrete strategies for creating balance, managing overwhelming feelings, and tangible tools for effective organization and time management.

*Body Image- Pressure to achieve the perfect body leaves girls hopeless and dejected. This coaching topic provides education about pervasive media messages, addresses negative self-talk, and helps girls to identify their self worth as something far greater than their physical form.

*Trust- In order to develop authentic relationships with friends and parents, girls must understand the foundational concepts of giving and receiving trust. This coaching topic identifies those concepts and offers strategies for rebuilding trust once it has been broken.

*Conflict Resolution- In order to break the cycle of backstabbing and gossiping, this coaching topic teaches girls to identify their friendship needs, speak their minds and resolve conflict effectively with respect and dignity

*Future Direction and Goal Setting- Teens need clarity of vision and direction in order to maximize their potential. This coaching topic provides the necessary tools to develop an effective action plan for reaching  desired goals.

*Communication 101- Tweets, texts, emails, phone calls… Teens have no shortage of opportunities to communicate. But rarely do they feel heard and understood. This coaching topic provides the skills teens need to communicate effectively, online and off.

*College Readiness- After a senior year of obsessing about getting accepted, your girl is finally heading off to college! But what happens when they get there?! Roommate nightmares, freshman 15, social anxiety…the list goes on including leadership, Dating, hook Ups, Break Ups and Make Ups.
*In a one-on-one setting, Asiah can provide direct support through active listening, constructive feedback and tangible tools for coping. Asiah typically sees private clients once a week for 50-60 minutes in person or  via Skype. Frequency is adjusted to meet the needs of the family; girls in high need can increase the frequency of sessions, while those who need less hands on support can decrease.
*The group setting provides an ongoing opportunity to create a support system among a group of girls. In this environment, girls have an opportunity to share their stories and see that they are not alone in their challenges– a priceless realization for many girls who feel isolated and misunderstood. The group dynamic allows for a variety of perspectives, cultivates trust among girls and creates a deep connection between Asiah and the participants. Girls receive individual folders for the tools they receive from Asiah and notebooks to capture personal insights along the way. Group coaching sessions are 90 minutes and typically occur once a month. This is a great option for Girl Scout troops, Churches, Clubs, Sororities, etc.
 Coaching Topics:
  • Friendship, Mean Girls and Bullying
  • Organization and Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Dating, Sex and Intimate Relationships
  • Stress Management
  • Family Conflict
  • Body Image
  • Leadership
  • Future Direction and Goal Setting
  • Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • College Readiness
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