Half Full Glass of Positivity

Is the glass half full?

Is the glass half empty?

Or is the glass twice as big as it needs to be?

I see the glass as half full!

The whole notion behind seeing the glass as half empty and half full depends on how you view the world—or more importantly “your world”.  If the way you see the world is either positive or negative, then it may be time to reevaluate or continue what you are doing and possibly reach back to help someone else.

As my life moves forward and new challenges, situations and circumstances come into play it is easy to focus on what seems to be wrong instead of taking a look at the whole picture.  Speaking to a few friends, I realized that I need to take a breather, step back and reevaluate my journey.  I need to stay focused on what I have done so far and move towards the direction in which I want to go.

Overtime I have realized that one of the main struggles that I face is the need for instant gratification and I am rarely pleased when things do not happen quickly and I fail to recognize what could have been learned during the process.

Here is my little secret; it is all about how you train yourself to see the world, or your surroundings. Positivity and optimism is the key! I know for a fact there will be times when the positive pill wont kick in and things just seem to go left instead of right. But when you are feeling down, just know it wont last! We all have emotions, so if  you feel a certain way then express it by  all means, however, don’t let it keep you down forever.

Keeping a positive attitude plays a big part in what you will accomplish and how you will move throughout life.  We are a force full of energy in which we exude and attract as well. Remember no one is perfect. Nothing will ever go right 100% of the time, we are all humans and we make mistakes. The good thing is that:

“What the mind expects, it finds. If you anticipate joy, good health, happiness, and accomplishment, then you will experience each one.” (from DailyOM, As Blessed As You Want to Be)

Even though  things may be rough right now, we all have the ability to be resilient and not let defeat take over.

So by taking a look at yourself right now…How do you see the glass? What changes can you make to improve your thinking? Who can you help motivate to see the glass the way you do?

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