Today Has Already Begun

“ I’m doing what I need to do! “

“ I’m doing “it” everyday! “—-These are some of the most popular words we often here!

BUT are you really doing what needs to be done? Or are you worrying about what the next person will think? Do it today, and do it now! There is NO time to waste.

When you can literally say “ I’m doing “it” every day or on a daily routine schedule, I am sure that the “it” you keep talking about will be successful. It doesn’t matter if your “it” is working out, reading, writing, singing or working towards a goal.  The truth is that anyone can do “it” once in a while, but the test is to continue to do “it” on a routine schedule.  It’s easy to give up, but can you keep going? Can you push through until the end?  Can you continue doing “it” on a routine daily basis?

At an early age I learned that nothing is perfect.  It takes about 21 days to form a habit.  When you continue to do something on a routine daily basis for three weeks it doesn’t become perfect—it makes a habit!  A habit starts off similar to making a cake.  First you mix the ingredients, poor the thin layer in the baking sheet, place it in the oven and it soon starts to rise.  No matter what steps you take towards doing “it” today, you will do more of it tomorrow!

“Motivation is what keeps you started; habit it what keeps you going.” Jim Ryun

Whatever your “it” is, keep doing it, and continue to do it every day….your results will be priceless.

Today has already begun, what are you waiting for?



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